Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Patriot Power Greens Review-A Holistic Powerful Nutritious Drink For Senior Citizens


Patriot Power Greens is a 100% blend of organic vegetables and fruits drink created by Patriot Health Alliance under the leadership of Dr. Lane Sebring, from Wimberley, Texas. Dr. Sebring is a board-assessor for the American Anti-aging Medicine Academy. He is also a former Air Force Army Veteran. Dr. Lane Sebring is well known for his natural anti-aging therapies of combined organic drinks for senior citizens seeking to get rid of common aging illnesses. Dr. Sebring counteracts the common notion that body and mind deterioration that comes with aging is reasonably standard. He conducts anti-ageing research by launching an all-natural cocktail called Patriot Power Greens to improve the primary cause of the significant health complications associated with old age.

Patriot Power incorporates thirty-eight fruits and vegetables, six absorbent enzymes, and ten probiotic strains, all of which, when blended simultaneously, produce a great drink to counteract all the aging agents in the body. The drink is a solid natural, nutritious, tasty concoction enhanced with sweeteners including apples, goji berry, and acai berry. Numerous customers have praised the drink as empowering and nutritious. They also felt a surge of energy away from a slow, dull life of body aches and pains after drinking the juice for a few days. Patriotic Power Greens includes fifteen calories per serving without artificial sweeteners, added sugar, allergens, soya, and dairy products. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) rendering the power drink ideal for aging folks through an official certification.

Patriotic Power Greens Trials

Dr. Lane Sebring initially prepared Patriotic Power Greens for older active U.S. Military forces. As an EX Air Force veteran, he felt compelled to help serve the former soldiers physically struggling through the aging process. It worked exceptionally well for the Military residents, who gave a positive Patriotic Power Greens review regarding their improved health, increased energy, reduced joint, and muscle aching.

From the encouraging feedback that he received with his first Army customers, Dr. Lane Sebring MD conducted experiments with the supplement on a group of senior men and women and was equally astonished by the results! The elderly citizens also gave an encouraging Patriot Power Greens review for producing a remarkable outcome upon consuming the supplement. Digestive Feedom Plus collectively concluded that his overall product; Patriot Health Alliance is suitable for all individuals suffering from regular aging ailments. It is ideal for patients with major back pains, or chronic knee pains, slow metabolism, and minor memory relapses. 

How It Works on the Body

Patriot Power Greens helps to correct all aging problems that afflict senior citizens mostly known as body inflammation. Dr. Lane Sebring concentrated on creating a healthy drink for better absorption in the human gut system. He discovered that weakening inflammation is easily fought by organic foods through counteracting acid build up and inflammation in the body. The use of combined fruits and vegetables makes use of the common anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and alkaline properties to fend off physical complications. Patriot Power Greens makes a superior drink to all other anti-ageing formulations in the market. Its effects become noticeable within days of consuming it.

Benefits of Patriot Power Greens

• An improved healthy digestive system, there is higher nutrient absorption due to the use of probiotics, which also enhances physical energy.
• Enhanced regulation of painless bowel movements, no diarrhea or constipation
• Significantly lessens heartburn and stomach upsets, nourishing the functional digestive system.
• It controls blood pressure by decreasing cholesterol levels. Helps by breaking bile salts from the gut, which cuts cholesterol absorption thus lowering bad cholesterol in the blood 
• Enzymes such as cellulose, proteases, lipase amylase and amyloglucosidase neutralize inflammation by increasing energy into the body cells.
• The remission of bodily inflammation
• Allows gradual weight loss by reduction of stress hormones that cause unwanted fat deposits in the body (abdomen)
• It enhances glowing skin due to the overall healthy body, decreasing wrinkles and unwanted loose skin.
• The ability to fight oxidative anxiety on the brain and improving dopamine effect which results in better concentration, enhanced attention, and mental stability. There is a unique ingredient known as Spiranula that was approved after tests for increasing memory and immunity. It contains 1g of natural spirulina and three additional sea vegetable brain-boosters.

Patriot Health Alliance also created Digestive Freedom PLUS, a powerful supplement for the overall digestive system boosts. It is a sister product from Patriot Health Alliance that offers abundant benefits. It provides relief for people suffering from heartburn, constipation and diarrhea and bloating. People of all ages can use it.

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